Publications 出版物

This is my flute book with CD《智,精選長笛曲集》( Zhi's Flute collection)has published in Hong Kong in 2005 , you can give a support at Tomlee and Parson's music 。

Including the most favorite calssical tune,but re-arranged into the jazz version " Mozart flute Concerto in G, Siciliiane, Danny Boy, J.S Bach A minor Partita.."

Comes with my playing CD/with written solo. so much fun to enjoy for all lever flute players...



My music friends..I am so happy that my another saxophone book/with CD has been published in China(2009). 人民音樂出版社 You can go Shenzhen book city深圳書城 to give your support~




This is my saxophone book/cd 《智。精選色士風曲集》( Zhi's saxophone collection) has published in Hong Kong 2005 . like to give a support, please go to Tomlee and Parson's music.

The book has such like the golden jazz standard tune "Autumn Leaves, star eyes, blue bossa..etc. " has my playing CD/with the written solo in the book.It's good for all level sax jazz player. 

這是我寫的第一本書( 2006年,北京人民音樂出版社出版),我還會繼續努力去寫下去。。。這本書收集了一些眾所周知的古典的piece,我又將這些曲子又從新編排成jazz 版的。配有demo及伴奏的track.如有朋友感興趣,可以去國内深圳書城去買)這本書甚至可以完全作爲欣賞都可以,因爲demo的track做的很好,是請香港樂團的第一小提琴手張希演奏的,具有相當高的水準。這本書最適合演奏長笛和小提琴的人。