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Live and Concert Band Really the HK "Top"有經驗 musicians play for your party ( Jazz, Classical, Pop, Swing, Salsa ,Bossa nova. Samba etc) from “One man band to different size of the band?)

If you plan a wedding function, birthday function, work function, sport function, school function, church function, promotion, price giving away functions, corporate function, year-end function you search will end with HKREALMUSIC. We provide live music entertainment for almost any type of event. You name it and we do it!

如果您打算結婚生日及公司慶典聚會我們 HKREALMUSIC,會為你們提供現場音樂表演,任何類型的表演你能想到的,我們都可以都可以做到BEST你能想到的,我們都可以都可以做到BEST

Suggested Line-up 建議音樂組合: 1Flute w/Piano. 2.Piano w/Violin,*best for church Ceremony 3.Keyboard/Sax. 4.String Quartet, 5.Singer (female/male),Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Sax/Flute, Drums...or you can make it on your own, 或者你可以自己Request.Welcome^-^!


LiveBand Demo


Wedding Jazz band

(Different band combinations is to experiment to see what works for you..)

Classical String quartet

(We could use all kinds of instruments and make all kinds of music, ...

浪漫結婚歌曲特別“定做”, Pls Click..

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