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教會音樂是很有學問的。。你覺得你演奏教會音樂演奏的如何你有演奏教會音樂的經驗嗎? 其實對於我來説,許多教會的音樂都以大合奏的類似的方式演奏真得是很無聊 ...如想打動人,這真是需要好好的探討這個“話題”

Church Music Lesson (Church music is a team sport .Can you play well with your instrument ? How does your church band play?)

It has become apparent to me that many church music teams play in a similar way which is quite boring….

A better music team will play like telling a story... The melody instruments will sit back in some verses and be silent, while at other times try to fill in some lines... But in Hong Kong, Most of them play the same melodies as the congregation. Sound is not interesting at all. I have many years experience for playing the church music, I would like to share some of my thoughts and skills for who is interested on this subject